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Sense Writing NYC Returns: Find Your Voice as a Writer (Tel Aviv)

Multiple dates and locations:

Sense Writing NYC returns to Israel for a limited time only. Registration is open for Tel Aviv and Ra'anana!

"Sense Writing is like running along a river from rock to rock and the rocks just appear below your feet, and you've gotten to where you want to be. It is the art of letting go of the mind while still using the mind."

-Jean Rhode, Creative Director/Copywriter, NYC

"Sense Writing rocked my world... In reaching for sensory detail, my shoulders settled. My breathing slowed. The focus on process took away the pressure to 'say something deep.' Critical elements of events, pains and hurts, character, desire and plot percolated to the surface. I plucked details like daisies, pieces of my story that I didn’t know were there. Every writing session was an adventure.”

-Ruth Ebenstein, Journalist, Jerusalem

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Sense Writing I: Memory, Life Stories, and Fiction is open to writers of all levels and genres. Workshops usually fill up. A 200 NIS deposit is required.

Tel Aviv/Jaffa

March 7 & 8

Thursday, 18:30-21:30 and Friday, 10:30-14:30

Yafo Yoga, Mazel Dagim 26, (a 5-minute walk from the clock tower)


March 14 & 15

Thursday, 18:30-21:45 and Friday, 10:45-14:30

Physio-Yoga, 10 Ha-Yetsira Street


680 NIS


Sense Writing I: Memory, Life Stories and Fiction

In a supportive environment that integrates accessible physical and writing sequences, you will learn to calm your nervous system, find lightness in your body, and mine your imagination, all while connecting to deep elements of structure and story.

Work with the nervous system to interrupt body and language patterns that inhibit writing.

Find pleasure in all the stages of writing, including re-writing.

Complete two pieces of memoir and/or fiction.

Sense Writing frees you from the thoughts you think you “should” be thinking so you learn to create without anxiety.

Developed by Madelyn Kent, award-winning playwright and former lecturer of Creative Writing at New York University/Tisch School of the Arts, Sense Writing has been taught at leading conservatories, universities, and retreat centers, including New York University, Kripalu Retreat, and NY's Open Center. Madelyn is trained in various methods of Somatic Education, including Feldenkrais and the Maureen Fleming Technique.

"The Sense Writing workshops access a profundity that other writing workshops have rarely attained at this level."

-Raluca Albu, MFA Fiction, Columbia University

“In the year that I have studied with Madelyn, I have learned more about writing rich, detailed, complete stories than in any of my previous writing courses."

-Amanda Cargill, Writer/Magazine Editor