Freelance Copy Editor and Editorial Department Assistant at Upworthy

Are grammar snafus and AP Style foibles like nails on a chalkboard to you? Do you aggressively factcheck too-good-to-be-true stories before posting them on your personal Facebook feed? If so, Upworthy wants YOU to join us as a Freelance Copy Editor The job's a sweet one, with TONS of opportunity to go full-time in the future as we grow.

Oh, and speaking of full-time jobs, we've also listed our Editorial Department Assistant job, perfect for the organized soul who wants to learn everything about how we find and make awesome content by helping us out in myriad ways. This is a pretty great position if you're looking to switch industries or are just starting out -- you'll be the editorial team's secret weapon for working on projects all across the company so you'll learn SO much about how a media start-up works and be in the middle of it all. Please apply and pass it these great jobs on! PS: Yes, it really is a great company, I'm not paid to say that. Yes, you can really work from anywhere, yes the benefits are great for full-timers and yes our distributed company culture is not only livable but actually often WAY more fun and pleasant than a real live office.