Need MEGAComm Presenter for short session

Hi everyone, MEGAComm is next Thursday, February 27th at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel.

We have two guests (from Adobe and Madcap) coming to Israel to make presentations and we've decided to include a 5th "short" session of 30 minutes to give them an opportunity to present their latest/greatest applications. In the case of Adobe, this will be Technical Communication Suite 5, released last month. And, in Madcap's case, this will be the first time they are introducing the soon-to-be-released Flare 10.

To balance this, I want to add a 30 minute MARCOM-related presentation. I was thinking of something like Networking Tips and Tricks. The session will be at the tail end of lunch - for those who feel that the break is too long, the short session will fill this time nicely; for those who want a longer lunch break, lunch will continue to be served during this time.

So - I need ideas and volunteers for this session. If you have any ideas for a 30 minute, non-technical writing session, please email me ASAP. I'm posting the final program


These are the last few days to register ( and still receive the discounted standard rate. On Sunday, rates go up to the full conference price of 850 NIS per person. We still have three discounted/subsidized tickets available. Contact me for details.



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