Two marketing support positions in northern Israel

According to the CIWI list, the Helen Doron group is looking for someone for Franchise Marketing Support and for Product Marketing. Send resumes and cover letters to:

Franchise Marketing Support

  • Create marketing / promotional material for Franchisees
  • Promotional material fold brochure, first response brochures, Newsletters, materials for conferences, etc.
  • Promotional material for Programs
  • Learning Centre Décor and wall hangings
  • Parent engagement in reception area (posters, pamphlets, postcards, TV screen, other activities)
  • Responsible for Marketing Gallery
  • Testimonial videos Sales material for Franchisees – how to sell programs – print and presentation / app
  • Best practices – collecting and sharing success stories
  • Answer Franchisees requests

Product Marketing

  • Sales kit for all products
  • Documents – company overview, business opportunities, booklets for all businesses, presentations, Image and testimonial videos
  • Manage and maintain content for Marketing Websites
  • Maintain eCommece Platform and contact person for fulfillment
  • eporting on websites, apps, leads, radio, social media, etc.
  • Publicity – increase HD presence worldwide through initiating various publicity activities such as Ted talks, Women of the year, Interviews for Helen, Social responsibility, articles, etc.