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TNT Theatre Britain presents THE TEMPEST: Israel tour

The internationally acclaimed professional theatre company, ADG/TNT Theatre Britain, is returning to Israel for its 8th season of Shakespeare performances with THE TEMPEST, Shakespeare’s last great masterpiece. The company brings its unique style to bear on THE TEMPEST: mixing music with theatrical magic, dynamic physicality with a careful attention to text, clowning and poetry. The production is directed by Paul Stebbings, MBE, whose Shakespeare productions tour some twenty countries on three continents each season. A thrilling and evocative musical score is composed by John Kenny. Too often productions of Shakespeare’s greatest works are undermined by simplifications or obscure interpretations. TNT seeks to illuminate the text rather than interpret it, to allow the audience into the play and tell its story with clarity - and theatricality.

TNT will be performing THE TEMPEST throughout Europe and Asia and will complete a whirlwind tour through Israel from April 3-7 with performances in Zichron Ya’acov, Ra’anana, Tel Aviv, Rehovot and Jerusalem. See the website ADG Israel - World Class Theater for full schedule and ticket purchase details.