Building a megalist of translators/editors

The folks over at CIWI are attempting to build a comprehensive list of translators of all stripes, as well as editors and copywriters working in Israel. It’s being maintained on a Google Sheet and anyone is free to write/edit/comment. Link here. It will be a great resource for anyone looking to hire someone quickly. Share widely.

95 seconds of comic relief.

Foreign relations in a nutshell - from the Animated Cookbook at the Big Cartoon Festival.

Time for New Leadership - Call for Volunteers

It is time for a new leadership to replace me. In addition to the great work that Mark Levinson is doing, we have a new volunteer, Eitan Greenberg, who will manage the Event and Course Calendars. There is definitely a demand for meetings (any volunteers to start organizing them?) We also need a volunteer to take over the Job Opps section and post jobs (with preference for listings with salary information and jobs from the actual employer/customer and not intermediaries).

Translation, proofreading and writing organizations/mailing lists that would like write permissions to use as a resource to promote their events should contact me directly.

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