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Opportunity for Professional Feedback and Advancement

The STCWDC Technical Communication competition recently extended their submission deadline to December 5. This is an excellent opportunity for Israeli technical writers to get valuable feedback and recognition.

If you feel that you have written an especially professional document, it is worth your while to enter it into the competition. You don't need to live or work in Washington DC to participate, just enter recent work that you have done. The price per entry is $100 USD (less for members of STC, especially for members of the  Washington/Baltimore chapter).

Entries get reviewed by a panel of 3 professional technical writers who give written feedback and recommendations. Even if you don't win an award and the prestige that comes with it, the input is often worth far more than the cost of the entry.

If you enter, you will (or should) need permission from the company that you wrote the document for. Your employer or customer might be very happy to pay for the entry. Winning an award brings with it prestige that can help advance your career, not mention that your customer's marcom people will be more than happy to publicize their "award winning" documentation.

Details and registration/submission at