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Playing Around: How To Approach Writing a Play with Visiting Playwright, Director & Dramaturge Rachel Creeger

Rachel Creeger: 'When I was a young, aspiring playwright, I often felt at a loss as to how to begin to structure my ideas and characters. At school, when we read plays and wrote essays, we had to analyse Hamlet without learning how to "suit the action to the word, the word to the action" ourselves! Many contemporary playwrights begin their careers by reading other work or trying to use complicated computer programmes. In this seminar, we will look at some ideas for structure and form that can work for beginners to experienced writers.'

opics will include:
Developing characters with their own distinct voices
Use and inclusion of stage directions
Are the setting, props and costumes important? 
Incorporating music
Editing and rewriting

BIO: Rachel Creeger is a prolific director of British new writing, most recently the tour and Edinburgh run of Mancunian Rhapsody by Debra Tammer. Personal writer/director credits include An Insomniac's Guide to AmbulancesPaying Attention (DYSPLA Festival), Staffroom and many commissioned plays for children.  Rachel is a dramaturge and regularly works with writers and performers on developing their material. As Time2Shine Productions she delivers school workshops and helps community groups devise original theatre from concept to performance. Part of the team behind the awards nominated Othello Peckham and Hamlet Peckham, Rachel hosts monthly comedy night ‘Upstairs at the Adam and Eve!’ in North London and is currently working on her new play Our Still Waters.

Maximum. Participation: 14
Cost: 390 NIS for one seminar; 700 NIS for any two full-day seminars. This includes light snacks and tea/coffee, not lunch.
Time: 09:30-15:15
Location: Talbiya, Jerusalem (more details upon registration).

Registration or call Nadia Jacobson on 054 598 3264. Payment can be made via check/cheque or bank transfer prior to the seminar or in exact change on the day (if registration has been confirmed ahead of time).

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