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Voices Israel Group of Poets in English (Tel Aviv) - monthly meetings

  • Beit Ariela 25 Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District Israel (map)

The Voices Israel Group of Poets in English meets monthly in Tel Aviv

(and elsewhere - see our newsletter at )

to read and discuss our original poetry. Newcomers are welcome.

This year's Tel Aviv meetings of Voices are scheduled for Beit Ariela,

next door to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. And downstairs where the racket

from pages turning in the library won't bother us. Next meeting is set

for Sunday, February 17 at 7:30 pm. Admission is 30 shekels, to cover

the cost of this prestigious location. Bring five or ten copies of one

or two original poems if you'd like to read, and be ready for

constructive criticism. Non-readers are also welcome.

From the entrance lobby of Beit Ariela, descend the left-hand staircase

and continue to the end of the corridor. On the left is the employees’

punch clock. On the right is a heavy door. Go through that doorway, and

immediately turn right again to continue downstairs.

When you reach the next floor down, you see heavy doors on your left and

on your right. Go through the left-hand doorway. Then immediately turn

right, and right again, and you will see the glass door of the

conference room to your left.

Our member Isaac Cohen has recorded the journey on video. See

<> .

Further meetings, same time and place, are scheduled as follows. All

dates are Sundays.

17 March

14 April

19 May

16 June

21 July

18 August

15 September

20 October

17 November

15 December