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Jerusalem: Yoga-Writing Workshop with Jennifer Lang

We all have stories to tell.

For some of us, they lie buried, deep inside, occasionally rising up and taking us by surprise.

n this workshop, we will plumb our bodies and our minds through movement and meditation to find our stories and begin to write them.

e will explore how the practice of yoga enriches the art of writing. 

As yogi and writer Susanna Harwood Rubin said, "Writing can be a purging, a meditation, a creative investigation in the same way that a yoga practice can burn off what isn't serving us, draw us into contemplation, or ignite our creativity. The process can feel hesitant or fluid, peaceful or driven, playful or gut-wrenching."

This workshop is open to all levels of writers.


Date: May 31, 2018
Location: Talbiya, Jerusalem (free parking nearby)
Cost: 450 NIS (500 NIS on the door)

Jennifer Lang's dream is to help others merge the practice of yoga and the art of writing, to connect to something greater through words and movement. Her essays have appeared in Under the Sun, Assay, Ascent, The Coachella Review, Hippocampus Magazine, and Full Grown People. Honors include Pushcart Prize and Best American Essays nominations and finalist in 2017 Crab Orchard Review's Literary Nonfiction Contest.