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Israel Writers Studio presents a phenomenal fall line-up:

1. Word Painting with Jennifer Lang on Wednesday, September 18th from 10:00 – 13:00

As Neil Gaiman writes, “All we have to believe with is our senses, the tools we use to perceive the world: our sight, our touch, our memory. If they lie to us, then nothing can be trusted. And even if we do not believe, then still we cannot travel in any other way than the road our senses show us; and we must walk that road to the end.”

Sensory details—the smell of your mother’s favorite perfume forty years ago, the sight of your grandfather’s dentures on the bathroom sink, the feel of your first boyfriend’s black leather jacket against your bare arms—invoke the five senses to help the reader picture the setting and feel engaged in the story.

In this workshop, we’ll awaken and enlist each of our senses through readings and prompts to infuse our prose with energy. Open to all genres, all levels.

See word-painting-workshop/ for details about registration.

2. Wake up to the Extraordinary with Jane Medved on Thursday, October 3 from 10:00-13:30

We are all surrounded by mundane tasks, habitual routines and objects so common we simply stop seeing them. As writers we face the same basic challenge: how do we turn the stuff of our day-to-day lives into compelling writing? How do we reignite our sense of awe to the world right in front of us? How do we make art out of the everyday?

In a series of readings and guided writing exercises, we will explore how familiar objects and spaces all have their own stories to tell. We will study how others have cracked open and elevated the commonplace; how they have released the holy in the mundane. This is a multi-genre workshop, combining poetry and lyric essay. Come prepared to explore and write!

See for details about registration.

3. Stay tuned for another eye-opening workshop on Wednesday, November 13 from 10 - 14:00 with Adi Singer, founder of workplay