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Paid On-the-Job Tech Writing Training & Internship

Join the Hi-Tech Workforce as a Technical Writer

JBS: Paid On-the-Job Training & Internship

JBS offers suitably qualified native English speakers with proven technical backgrounds the opportunity to train on-the-job as Technical Writers. If accepted,* you will be paid, at an hourly rate, as you develop into a JBS Staff Technical Writer under our mentorship.

Typically, successful JBS interns transition to the role of Junior Technical Writer—at higher salaries—within 1-3 months, and can be performing at a professional level and earning competitive rates within 6-12 months.

Free Introductory Lecture and Screening

In late December, a free introductory lecture will take place at the JBS office in Herzliya.* An admission test will be administered at that time.

Read more about the JBS On-the-Job Training and Internship program here:

*Invitations to the lecture and admission test will be sent to qualified candidates, based on their application form.