Dr. Susan Zaidel is an experienced clinical psychologist and family therapist who has been mediating divorces since 1986. She also mediates family disputes about inheritance, family business and other family conflict. Her main office is in Haifa and she also receives mediation clients in Tel Aviv. Dr. Susan Zaidel is the author of several books on divorce mediation. The most up-to-date book, How to Get an Amicable Divorce (Hebrew title: "Divorce and Stay Friends", 2004), described at her web site (http://www.haskamot.com/), may be ordered directly from the publisher or purchased in bookstores. A few copies of the English book, Divorce with Respect (1991), are also available from the publisher. The material in the English book on divorce and divorce mediation is still relevant, but the material on the court system is out-of-date.