This report is based on input from 36 freelance technical/marcom writers and documentation managers. The report is based only on input from 33 of these. Per writer statistics are calculated according to 34 writers, with one writer counted twice (once for hours worked according to NIS rates and once for hours worked at $USD rates - this writer reports those hours separately).

2 additional participants reported no billable hours as freelance writers during the entire quarter. Data from a third writer was removed because the writer reported being a news editor. Data from a journalist who reported only work on technical articles was included as a technical writer and data from a copy editor who works mostly on marcom was included as a marcom writer.


All rates are those actually charged, not asking rates. Last quarter technical and marcom writers moved en-masse from $USD to NIS as their main currency for rates. This trend has continued so only one report was created with all rates converted to NIS.

Click here to view the report with rates in NIS.