The average and median salaries for technical/marcom writers rose 788.91 and 500 NIS respectively since the start of Q1. The average direct contractors hourly rate dropped by $0.74, while the median rose by $0.50. Average and median hourly rates for subcontractors on the other hand rose significantly, +$3.67 and +4.65 respectively.

A review of the detailed statistics shows a number of different trends that reflect important changes in the market. The recent drop in the US dollar had very little affect on the report because contractor rates are set in $USD and they had not yet had time to adjust rates. The change in the exchange rate was only reflected for those few writers whose rates are set in NIS because they were converted to $USD using the exchange rate in effect at the time of reporting.

The detailed Q2 2007 Technical/Marcom Salary and Freelance Rate Reports will go live May 15. If you participated in the surveys every quarter then you will have free access. Those who don't have free access can purchase it. Each report is roughly 7 pages long with useful breakdowns according to percentile.

[Postscript] Detailed survey results continue to be released every fiscal quarter with more and more detailed breakdowns. During 2007 a separate Rate Report was added for Copy Editors. In April 2009 the Salary Report alone reached 18 pages of breakdowns. In July 2009 new calculations were added to the Freelance Rate Reports that enable percentiles based on rates per billable hour from the entire pool of all billable hours.