The Israel chapter of the STC just announced the results of their Salary Survey that was conducted among 230 respondants who took part in the survey anonymously via their Internet site during the month of November 2006. Surprisingly the STC survey found salaries in Jerusalem (02 area code) to be higher than in Tel-Aviv (03 area code). This is in direct contrast to all of the Elephant surveys.

The survey reported salaries as low as 4000 NIS/month in northern Israel (04 area code) and as high as 35,000 NIS/mo. in Jerusalem (02 area code). The most important finding according to the STC was that the average salary for members was 1,725 NIS/mo higher than for nonmembers, though figures for the median salaries for members and nonmembers were missing fro the published results. According to the demographic statistics, 77% of the technical writers participating in the survey are senior technical writers, team leaders, or managers. This leaves a mere 23% to make up the less senior positions.

The survey found a clear correlation between job stability and salary, with median salaries increasing steadily with the number of years at the same company. Despite this, the survey found the average salary in the 6-10 year category to be higher than for those who stayed for more than 10 years at the same company.

Another interesting relationship was age. The STC found that salaries rise until the age of 49, then drop sharply, rising again in 60+ age category. Salary survey results...  Demographic statistics...