Investigators today were searching for the owners of Jerusalem’s defunct Mediaworks technical writing school, in order to confirm or deny that MK Esterina Tartman qualified there as a technical writer.  This follows denials from representatives of In Other Words, Write Point, Yeda, and Shuki Zikri.


“They told me that technical writing is an easy job and you don’t have to work hard or know anything,” Tartman said.  “I’m sure I took a course.  I remember there was, like, this big room and maybe a teacher was at the front saying stuff.  Yes, it’s coming back to me.  Always put an extra line between paragraphs.  Or was it never put an extra line between paragraphs?”


Tartman was able to produce an educational certificate of a kind when asked, but upon examination it turned out to have no practical value for employment purposes, being a Ph.D.