PDC stands for People Development Columns that help you maximize your chances for success. These columns are written by professionals in their fields and appear at various times throughout the month: Every other Monday, Dr. Carolyn Tal returns to her column with Resilience Tips. Resilience is a growing area of research and practice for coping with and recovering from adversity, and is based on decades of research in related fields - particularly cognitive and positive psychology. Carolyn combines her training and experience as a psychologist, mediator, coach, and consultant in the practical application of Resilience concepts.

Dr. Susan Zaidel’s column on Building Bridges (in Hebrew) discusses the workings of mediation within the framework of Israel's court-approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

Technical and marketing writers are experts in understanding a technology in order to present it to others, so a product can be acquired and utilized well.

How critical is the understanding of the people involved in the technology? The people involved in the creating of, producing of, marketing of, and support of the technology, most would agree, are critical to that technology’s success. Significant issues include powerful communication, managing and leading others, collaborating in partnerships and teams, mediating misunderstandings, and accelerating the growth and development of yourself and the people you work with. Every technology is ultimately built by people, and the success of the technology depends in part on the success of the people factors involved.

We will be bringing you ideas and tips from professional experts who address the above and related issues. And we welcome you to write us with your People Development issues and questions.