10 Ideas to help you Work Smarter, Not Harder

Hebrew version עשרה רעיונות שיעזרו לך לעבוד חכם יותר - ולא קשה יותר

Written by Eitan Reuveni, Effective Management
Translated by Gail Ellis

1)       Plan

Allocate an hour a week for a meeting with your most important client – yourself. Spend the hour on actually planning

2)       Don’t Manage in front of the mirror

Many managers report that in the morning, while they are shaving in front of the mirror, they conduct the real management meetings…
Build a team, get help from the best outside professional consultants.

3)       Take a break!

You can’t make the right decisions and see things in perspective when you are working 6 days a week, 10, 12, 13 hours a day.
Breaks will improve your effectiveness.

4)       Take care of yourself!

You worry about your business, your workers, your suppliers, your family, your friends, your aging parents, and ‘everyone and his cousin’.
Do you remember to take care of yourself? Rest, correct nutrition, exercise, self-enrichment are not a waste of time!
Balance in your life will help you be a more effective manager.

5)       See your team as your business partners

The success of your managers and workers is your success. Treat them as partners. Remember: “Teamwork” is the magic that enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

6)       Devote more time to successful workers

Spend more time with your successful workers. The time you invest in successful workers will bring more effective results. Your time is limited, and if you spend it with mediocre workers you will have less time to spend with the effective ones

7)       Honesty

Ethics, honesty and transparency inevitably lead to effectiveness. And as folklore says: When you take the straight and narrow path, you can’t get lost’
(or lose yourself along the way)

8)       Keep learning

Read professional literature, participate in conferences, keep learning.
"When you stop learning, you’re old, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 80" (Henry Ford)

9)       Lead by example

Your team and managers, like everyone around you, judges you by your actions not your words.
Remember that you set an example to be emulated, in both their conscious and sub-conscious minds

10)   Start now!

Right now, choose one tip, just one that you would like to adopt, implement it, and start to benefit. And if you don’t have the tools a “Personal Effectiveness and Productivity Plan” can help.   

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