Make Meetings Effective

Hebrew version טיפ ניהולי - קל ליישום ואדיר בתוצאה

Written by Eitan Reuveni, Effective Management
Translated by Gail Ellis

Management tip that is Easy to Apply and Produces Amazing Results

A subject that often comes up in our workshops is: How to keep meetings on track – start on time, focus on the subject, and deliver results.

Here’s an idea to make forums with 3-12 participants that meet regularly better, more focused and effective:

At the end of each meeting, devote a few minutes to a short round where each participant relates in one sentence something he thought was good and that he is satisfied with in the process.  Immediately thereafter, hold a second round in which each participant states in one or two sentences at most what  she would like to see improve at the next meeting. Record the answers.

This makes all the participants in the meeting to partners in the process.

All the managers who adopt this practice report substantial improvement in the management of meetings: the atmosphere, effectiveness and practical results.

End the meeting by thanking all the participants for their frankness, and by announcing that from now on at the end of each meeting a few minutes will be devoted to feedback, so that  a new meeting culture will develop quickly.

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