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Registration Closes on Friday for Online Narrative Course

Storytelling, an Introduction


Enrollment is open through Jan. 9th for an exciting, online course about the fundamentals of narrative writing. The course, itself, begins Jan. 11th.  Course materials and initial assignments are sent to students upon receipt of tuition. Cost: 500 NIS for Israelis/150 USD (or equivalent) for everyone else. No refunds. Registration: contact

Payment via PayPal.



Selecting among Your Many Experiences and Fancies

The Chronology of a Story

Nay-saying Your Internal Critic

Content and Style vs. Point-of-View

How to Share Works in Progress



This course will consist of: readings, questions and answers, exercises, writing homework, and limited feedback on writing homework. If the participants are in agreement, we'll also have communal discourse.


Your Teacher:

Dr. KJ Hannah Greenberg has more than a dozen published small press books and has contracts for an additional handful or so for 2015 and 2016. She’s worked at several literary magazines as an Associate Editor and was a professor for a few decades. With Hannah, you will learn. However, be prepared to work hard.


Testimonies from Other Courses:

“Channie broke down genres for me. She broke down elements of literature. She forced me to read some interesting texts, and forced me to think and to rethink, to focus, to expand and to contract. I went inside myself and came out with some honest answers.”--Mindy Aber Barad, Efrat


I am so gratified by Channie’s positive and encouraging responses. My online course with her was the most amazing, often grueling, and deeply instructive course I have taken since who-knows-when! I have grown immeasurably in whatever skills I have merited gaining. It has been an honor to learn from the very best! I am grateful.- Devorah Druxman, New York City.


Before discovering Channie's creative writing courses, I had been trying for years to write on my own, without tangible results.  Many emerging writers need the support of a writing community, which I did not even know existed in Jerusalem, for English language writers. I was thrilled to discover Channie . I feel that my writing has already improved, along with my confidence in my abilities.  –Diana Carlyle, Jerusalem