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Two New Creative Writing Opportunities

I. Online Course: The Craft of Dialogue


Dr. KJ Hannah Greenberg is offering online courses on the elements of literature; plot, setting, theme, point of view, character, and more. The first course in this series is The Craft of Dialogue. This course’s goal is to empower students to create authentic-sounding, useful, interesting discourse in their manuscripts.


This course’s topics are:

* Subtracting Prolixity (Subtracting Boring Verbosity) and Adding Veracity

* Demographics and Psychographics

* Dialogue in Fiction

* Dialogue in Nonfiction

* Dialogue in Poetry


The course runs from Feb. 15th-March 20th. Homework is given out each Sunday and due back each Friday. The instructor’s responses to homework are sent out on Mondays. Weekly homework includes: readings, questions about the process of writing, and writing assignments.


The cost is 600 NIS for Israelis and 200 USD for everyone else. Fees are paid via PayPal and are not refundable. Reading lists are available to students as soon as their tuition is paid in full. To register, contact:


About the Instructor:

Channie Greenberg has been teaching college level writing since 1980. She’s a former Princeton University National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar and a three time nominee for The Pushcart Prize in Literature. Her newest books include: Dancing with Hedgehogs, (Fowlpox Press, 2014), Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things, 2nd ed. (Bards and Sages Publishing, 2014), The Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag (Dancing Girl Press, 2014), and Citrus-Inspired Ceramics (Aldrich Press, 2013).


Testimonies from past students:


“What a trip we've had!  Traveling with Channie in the world of writing has truly been an adventure.   We've seen and heard what “real” writers have done with their words and have learned so many skills that we believe that it's possible that we will get there, also.” Claire Rudder, Rehovot


“Before discovering Channie's creative writing courses, I had been trying for years to write on my own, without tangible results.  Many emerging writers need the support of a writing community, which I did not even know existed in Jerusalem, for English language writers. I was thrilled to discover Channie and now I feel that my writing has already improved, along with my confidence in my abilities.”  Diana Carlyle, Jerusalem


“I am so gratified by Channie’s positive and encouraging responses. My online course with her was the most amazing, often grueling, and deeply instructive course I have taken since who-knows-when! I have grown immeasurably in whatever skills I have merited gaining. It has been an honor to learn from the very best! I am grateful.” Devorah Druxman, New York City.



II. 3rd Annual Writing Retreat in Israel


Oh You Character, You, a writing retreat focused on the skill of character development, is being held in Netanya, Feb. 25th, at the Hagag Young Adult Center, from 10:00-20:00. The retreat includes: two catered mehadrin meals, four writing sessions, snacks, and as many imaginary hedgehogs as you can carry home.


The goal of this retreat is to help students become more aware of how they create and maintain the players populating their manuscripts. This retreat’s skills can help students with real life interactions, too.


Oh You Character, You costs 1,000 NIS. Fees are paid via PayPal and are not refundable. Reading lists are available to students as soon as their tuition is paid in full. Contact to register. Students aged 12 to 120 may enroll. Note: since seating is limited, only the first 14 registrants can be accepted.


This course’s topics are:

* Believability

* Motivation

* Relationship Dynamics

* Individuality


Testimonies from past retreats’ attendees:


“At the end of the twelve hour day, I was stretched, prodded and challenged to be more creative than I thought possible. The other students impressed me with their talent, their drive to succeed, and their creativity. Dr. Greenberg knew how to draw each of us out, more than we thought possible, while egging us on to improve ourselves with our newfound knowledge after the retreat.” Joan Gross, Nahariya.


“The retreat really inspired me. I haven't written so much since I took a break from my memoir.” Jacob Nassim, Jerusalem.


“I enjoyed every second of the course. Channie's writing retreat on descriptive writing not only equipped me with the best of ideas, but it also changed my perception of the world. Channie was amazing in providing ideas, techniques and motivation. The way she organized the day - including two really great meals - was remarkable and shows how great and caring of a person she is!!” Jusztina Kovacs, Kibbutz Givat Hayim Meuchad.


“…opened all of my senses to experience writing from an authentic and playful place…. touched the deepest part of my soul.” Elina Schop, Tsfat