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Workshop: *Tracking Our Lives through Reflective Journaling:*

  • The Writing Pad 53 Be'eri Street Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District Israel (map)

The Writing Pad invites

you to

*Tracking Our Lives through Reflective Journaling:*

*A Workshop with Dr. June Leavitt*

Jan. 31, 2019 10 AM

– 3 PM

In this seminar for writers, artists and all creative souls, we will

learn how to become more intimate with our own experiences through the

craft of reflective journaling. Unlike normative diary keeping, we begin

with writing exercises that bring our focus to a recent *cycle* in our

lives. We note down the atmosphere of the period, the people who were

important to us, the projects we did, the sensations, images and insights

that have stayed with us. We then expand upon our reflections on the

period, through writing tasks that involve personification of events,

dialogue, and the chronicling of memories. These creative techniques for

digging deeper into our experiences can be applied beautifully by writers

to gain more intimacy with their fictional or autobiographical characters!

*Tracking our Lives through Reflective Journaling* would not be

complete without reading excerpts from the diaries of Virginia Woolf in the

context of her very strange life. We will do this in order to compare her

understanding of the diary genre with the evocative journaling methods we

will be plying.

Participants are asked to bring a new, five-subject, ruled notebook to the


Bio: *Dr. June Leavitt* lectures in mystical literature at Ben Gurion

University, works as a freelance writer and facilitates a creative writing

workshop in Jerusalem. Her publications include *The Mystical Life of Franz

Kafka,* (Oxford, 2012) and *Esoteric Symbols: the* *Tarot in Yeats, Eliot

and Kafka*, (University Press of America, 2007), as well as* Flight to

Seven Swan Bay *(Feldheim, 1985) a novel for young adults that was reissued

by Feldheim, 2012 as a classic for young readers. The publication of her

diaries-- *Storm of Terror: A Hebron Mother's Diary *(Ivan Dee*, *2002*)*

and *Maze of Terror *(Laffont, 1996), excerpts of which appeared in *US

News and World Report,* caused her to experiment with journal writing in

order to spur understanding and creative growth. For the past two years,

Leavitt has been an active participant in curative journal workshops

throughout the United States, as well as an avid scribe, dedicated to

tracking her own life.

Originally from New York, Leavitt earned her BA in English

from the University of Wisconsin. After graduating, she homesteaded five

years in the woods of New England, immigrating to Israel in 1979, where she

raised five children. She received her Masters in Foreign Literature from

Ben Gurion University when she was 56 and her PhD when she was 60. She lives

in Kiryat Arba with her husband..

Place: The Writing Pad, 53 Be’eri, Tel Aviv

Time: Thursday, January 31, 2019 10 AM – 3 PM

Cost: NIS 420, includes readings, coffee, tea and nosherei. Does not

include food for short lunch break.

Registration: email judylabensohn@gmail.comand indicate whether you will

send a check or make a bank transfer to secure your place.

Judy Labensohn, Author,

*Our Names Do Not Appear*


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