FrameMaker User Group Meets by Elizabeth Miller

FrameMaker User Group meets to discuss new  Adobe products:FrameMaker 8 and the brand new Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

A meeting of the FrameMaker User Group took place on Thursday 25 October, hosted by Radware Ltd. in Tel Aviv. Some 35 FrameMaker users gathered to hear an interesting talk given by Shlomo Perets (MicroType) in which he  introduced  two  new  Adobe products - one being FrameMaker 8, the other (launched  only  that  day!) the Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

In his balanced assessment of both products, Shlomo outlined the many new features and gave practical examples of their use. Among the topics covered were improvements in language support, conditional text and  tracking text edits, as well as use of new features that included rich  media (Acrobat 3D and Flash), RoboHelp and Captivate. Additional tips included valuable advice on deciding when to upgrade - as well as pointers on a few bugs and limitations.

The recipients of three Lucky Draw prizes were: Andy Lewis, Monica Dal-Boni and Moshe Forman.

Thanks to all who attended, to Andy Semble (Radware) who organized the venue, and to Shlomo for providing valuable insight into the new Adobe products and ideas for their practical application in the field.

Elizabeth Miller, ]]> Technical Documentation & Marketing Communications