Jan. 9 Summary

Pricing Projects

This month's Tel Aviv Freelance Writers Cafe was animated and information-packed; Rick Teplitz walked us through the framework of pricing and billing projects from tech writing to marketing writing to editing to translation.  Follow this link to Rick's presentation outline. 

Again, a healthy numbered crowd - nearly 20 - gathered at the Press Cafe and questions posed during the meeting included:  Can I ask for half up front?  What constitutes a page?  When I bill on an hourly basis does that also account for phone time, travel and meetings?  Answers:  You can but it's uncommon, 250 words, & yes, if you budget it in.  Thanks to Rick for a well done, informative evening.  If you missed him in Tel Aviv, you might want to check out his pricing presentation at the upcoming Techshoret Conference on January 18th. 

Next month:  How to Get Your Foot in the Door: Self Marketing for SuccessFebruary 13th at 19:00. Details to follow...

In the interim, enjoy the images and please message if you have questions.  Thanks again to Svi Ben-Elya for hosting us here on Elephant and for coming all the way from Yokneam!...Stephanie

Jacob & Daniella

Janet, Svi, Tamar (background), Jacob and Daniella

Galia, Ilana, Mark and Rick

Galia, Ilana, Mark, Gayle and Joy