Networking with Micaela Ziv

This event, held in Rehovot, was in the form of a workshop.

Self Analysis - SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Participants detailed these parameters as it applied to them, such as negotoating for better pay being in many cases perceived as a weakness or even a threat, while looking for opportunities entails, for example,  getting more work via the referral of satisfied clients.


Don't always detail all the jobs you ever held in the past, but tailor it to the general demands of the post that you are applying for.

The Elevator Pitch

Suppose you are going up in an elevator together with the manager of a company that you want to have a contact with. You have just 60 seconds to present yourself and detail your main strengths and line of activity. All participants did this quick presentation, some even doing it in 30 seconds.

Marketing Plan and Negotiating a Contract

Set your goals, determine where you want to be next year, and five years from now, and draw up a schedule for getting there. When negotiating a contract with your client, insist on your price, but leave some room for discounts. Insist on a solid agreement, with clearly defined milestones for completing work and receiving payment.


Various forums, such as those organized by the Chamber of Commerce, IBC (Interactive Business Circles), and others.

IBC, for example, is built up of groups, each group having just one representative from each profession. In the weekly get together of such a group, members introduce themselves briefly ito newcomers in "Elavator Pitch" form, new contacys are formed, and referrals are past on between members.




The STC convention was quite an event. I, a novice in the field, was duly impressed by the number of people attending, the energy, the networking, and the whole atmosphere of so many people working in diverse aspects of technical communication.

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