TCC Conference: 2 summaries are on line

Miriam Schwab has uploaded her presentation from the TCC conference: Blogs and Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Hi-Tech Companies to her blog. In addition, she also added Benjy Caplan's presentation from the conference: Hollywood on a Shoestring Budget. Miriam Schwab, also known for her company illuminea, gave a wonderful presentation at the TCC conference February 28. Anyone who heard her presentation at Elephant, and those of you who missed it, knows she is an expert in her field. It is best if she speaks for herself. The link is directly in the site: Anyone interested in blogging, or interested in adding blogs and social media to the market strategy of their company should watch Miriam's presentation.

Benjy Caplan's presentation at TCC was interesting as well.  For any of you who we present for Shlomo Perets' presentation on enhancing documents with rich media, Benjy explained how you can be the one to make the videos to add.  

Benjy, who works at ECI Telecom, spoke about how to create videos, without being a professional videographer. He gave an example of how his company uses video as part of their user manuals. Not only does his company use the videos to explain what needs to be done visually, they can also use the videos to save money: the company saves the cost of sending technicians oversees by sending videos instead. Benjy gave a run-down on types of equipment you would need including cameras and computers and what types of movies he had "produced."