TCC: Techshoret Communicators Conference in Jerusalem

The second TCC on Thursday 28 Feb. 2008 in Jerusalem was an excellent opportunity for Technical Communicators to learn about the latest in the field. Although getting to Jerusalem bright and early is not that easy for many Northern residents, I am very glad I made the effort. The conference was well organized, had a variety of lectures to choose from including some general topics to more technical ones, good networking, and first-rate guest lecturers from abroad. It was an excellent chance to see and hear what is new in Technical Communication.

Elephant was well represented by Kathy Penn, Paul Schnall, Shira Stepansky, and myself, to name a few, not to mention our own Svi Ben-Elya shmoozing and networking with the best of them. The presenters included Shlomo Perets and Miriam Schwab who gave some of their presentations to us at Elephant. The guest lecturers included Mike Hamilton, the VP of Product Management at MadCap Software and Scott DeLoach, founder and CEO of ClickStart. Our local expert lecturers included Katriel Riechman, Anat Jacoby, Pascale Amozig-Bukszpan, and Paula Stern among others. For a non-technical, but yet still vitally important talk, Yitzchak Treister, a highly qualified Israeli CPA, gave a session on Taxes in Israel.

Svi Ben-Elya in Jerusalem

Scott DeLoach and Mike Hamilton; Networking over lunch; Svi at TCC

Jonathan Plutchok wrote on the Techshoret list, “Hearty congratulations and many thanks to the great (and no doubt exhausted) WritePoint team for the informative and very well organized Techshoret conference. Well done!” Shira Stepansky was also duly impressed. She posted this on the Deva list: “While there were sessions that only technical writers would have wanted to be at, most of the sessions were general enough that almost anyone working in HiTec would have gotten a lot.”  She specifically mentioned the following sessions: Miriam Schwab's Blogging as a Marketing Tool and the Taxes in Israel session, which had information for both employees and freelancers. Shira also mentioned that it was good value for the money, which is always an issue for some of us, especially Freelancers.

Kudos to Paula Stern and the rest of the WritePoint team for their hard work on giving the Technical Communication community an excellent conference.