Tel-Aviv Freelance Writers

Just shy of 20 people came out for the first Tel Aviv Freelance Writer's Meeting, seen here courtesy of Elephant. Overall there was enthusiasm, goodwill and much swapping of business cards - quintessential motivators for continued monthly get-togethers.

Freelance journalist Stephanie Freid briefed the group on the ins and outs of working the journalism beat - getting organized, marketing stories, generating revenue, working with U.S. editors and tips for success - and technical writer Rick Teplitz shared his personal dilemma of opting for salaried work versus going freelance "all the way".  He also offered advice on building successful client/writer relationships Flexibility and attitude are key.

The group generated ideas for future meetings including: Finding Leads, Taxes and Accounting, The Publishing World and Agents, Setting Project and Billing Rates, Breaking into Journalism, Reporting Assets and Income to Israel/the IRS, etc.  Follow updates here on the Events Calendar and via the CIWI List for details about the upcoming January get-together.

Meanwhile, a warm thank you to Svi Ben-Elya for hosting us on Elephant, thanks to all who attended and I look forward to seeing you next month!