Video interviews from STC conference, June 4, 2007

  Patricia Carmel has uploaded a video where she interviews attendees of the recent STC conference

Patricia Carmel, who was seen with her video camera during the STC conference, has uploaded onto the STC site a 4.5 minute video where she interviews a number of the attendees about their comments on the conference, their expectations and opinions about the seminars. The video features:

Dorit Sapir, Yoel Strimling, Ricka Rak, Rob Epstein, Bonny Shezifi, Dalene Grieshaber, Sandy Noymer, Moshe Chertoff, Jo Levitt, Lisa Tsabari and Shlomo Perets.  Elephant’s own Svi ben Elya is one of the interviewees.

The video is quite large so expect it to take a while to download. Thank you, Patricia, for your efforts.

The link: