Early Bird Registration for Techshoret Conference 26 February 2009!

If you register for the Techshoret Communicators Conference before Dec. 31 you can save up to 450 NIS. There are links to the registration form and the first 11 sessions already scheduled are listed below. 5 more presentations will be confirmed in the coming weeks and we will provice you with links to the actual program as soon as these sessions are in place.

If you'd like to attend the conference and save a full 220 NIS off the conference day price, register and pay before December 31, 2008. If you register closer to the conference, you'll end up paying 670 NIS - this is a great time to register...and save!

This is the lowest price that will be offered and it meets and beats last year's pricing, even though our costs have significantly risen. Contact ]]> or to ]]>directly for details.

In today's economy, it's definitely worth taking the discount!

Here's a quick peak at some of the sessions already scheduled - if they look interesting - register now and save! * Bringing Quality and Management to the Documentation Process. Presented by: Rick Teplitz * AutoIt scripting: free, open-source, scripting language for almost any Windows application, including FrameMaker. Presented by: Shmuel Wolfson * Content without Borders: Working with a Global Documentation Team. Presented by: Katriel Reichman, Kodak * "Where, What and How" The Future of Technical Documentation. Presented by: Miriam Lottner, Tech-Tav * DITA Live! A Case Study. Presented by: Alex Masycheff, WritePoint * Networking Essentials for Technical Writers. Presented by: Ezriel Yellin, Marvell * Effective Training Materials. Presented by: Avigail Frij, WritePoint * Modular Documentation: Bringing the Pieces Together. Presented by: Joe Gelb, Suite Solutions. * Creating 3D PDF hardware animations using Deep Exploration and RapidManual. Presented by: Joshua Kalman, Orbotech * Quality Assurance: Finding Software Defects. Presented by: Debi Zylbermann, Website Promotion SEO * Social Media Marketing. Presented by: Jacob Richman

These are tentative based on discussions with the presenters and may change, but you can already see that there are some exciting and challenging presentations lined up! You can download the registration from off the Techshoret website: www.techshoret.com.

Finally, they are still looking for a few more sessions. We want them to be as advanced as possible so that when people walk out of the room, their first thought is, "Wow! I really learned something!" If you have any questions, please write to: tcc@techshoret.com or to Paula Stern directly. paula@writepoint.com