Freelance Copy Editors Rates

The results of the freelance copy editors rate survey are ready and have been posted. This 7 page report is a must for anyone looking for work or looking to hire an English language copy editor in Israel. So if you have access - go to the Salaries and Rates section now. Everyone else needs to either purchase access or upgrade/extend existing access. April 1-15 is the next reporting period and the last time that you can join the survey group for free!

Copy editors who participated in both Jan. 2008 and Oct. 2007 will find the results in the Salaries and Rates section. Those who joined the survey in January can either wait until the next reporting period (April 1-15) or upgrade access now. Technical and marcom writers who participated in the other surveys can extend access to include this survey for a mere 20 NIS + VAT. Employers and other nonparticipants can purchase access.