Salary Survey Results Posted

The results of the Salaried Rate Surveys taken July 1-15 have been posted (login and access rights required). The report for Salaried Technical/Marcom Writers consists of 18 pages of detailed breakdowns. The Freelance Rate reports were posted 2-3 weeks ago.

The report for Freelance Technical/Marcom Writers consists of 11 pages of detailed breakdowns. The report for Freelance Copy Editors consists of 9 pages of breakdowns. Participation in the surveys increased, especially among Salaried Technical/Marcom Writers. Nonmembers of elephant who participated in the surveys are entitled to a low-cost access subscription that is not available to nonparticipants. For details go to and scroll down the page to the participant-subscription section. Nonparticipants who want access must purchase a nonparticipant subscription for 1200 NIS + VAT. All access ends Dec. 31, 2009.