Saving Money (Mobile, Landline, Internet)

Haaretz recently posted an article Be in Touch, With Your Phone Company which can help you reduce your cell phone, telephone and internet expenses. For example, after registering my phone numbers (home, work, cell) I was given 03 numbers for my contacts. Now, to call my best friend in Boston from my cell phone, I just dial 03-721-XXXX and his phone rings; I pay for a cellphone call to Tel Aviv plus a few cents for the international connection. One thing they didn't mention in the article, every Bezeq landline has the ability to receive faxes. You don't even have to be at home to retieve them. If your phone number is 04-888-9999 then your fax number is 153-4-888-9999. To retrieve your faxes while on the road you would dial 151-4-888-9999.