Experienced tech writers needed

We have three projects coming up for which we'd like to bring in some

additional staff. Two seem to be long-term projects available in the mercaz;

one is in Jerusalem.

It is unclear at this point whether these would be full-time or part-time

but currently, I'd like to get a sense of who is out there and available.

Please send your resumes to hr-dept@writepoint.com

<mailto:hr-dept@writepoint.com> . Please also send your hourly rate

(important because for one of these companies, this is a major issue),

availability, and a small sample of your work (not more than 50 pages).

Since we don't have all the details available at this time (we hope they'll

be clarified in the next few days but with the chagim, we're unsure when the

starting dates will be), please do not phone our office. We will be in

contact as soon as we finalize all the conditions. We currently expect this

to be work that can be done largely from home with occasional visits onsite..

The Jerusalem one is likely to be more onsite than the other two.

Regards and shana tova, g'mar hatima tova,


Paula R. Stern

CEO, WritePoint Ltd.

Tekom Israel President/Spokesperson

MEGAComm Conference Director

www.writepoint.com <http://www.writepoint.com>