Sticky Notes On Your Screen

Howdy from the Tool Bar & Grill, and welcome to the many new readers who have joined us in the past few weeks. Your chef is glad to be back behind the counter again, with some fresh new software recommendations. And assistant chef Mark Lautman continues his thesis on Perl scripting.

Stick With Me, Kid, and You’ll Go Far

I remember when the invention of Post-It® Notes revolutionized office work. Now most of you are too young to imagine a world without them. And like with the paper stick-on notes, I still have hardly begun to explore the panoply of potential uses for Stickies, a free on-screen version. So far I’m delighted just to be able to jot quick notes to myself without hunting for a pen and paper.

The beauty of Stickies is how their simplicity hides their versatility. Just double-click the system tray icon to create a new note on the screen. Your notes stay wherever you put them on the screen, even through reboots, and remain until you delete them. The notes can automatically resize themselves to fit your text. Here is a sample: