Stupid Email Tricks

By Jonathan Plutchok

Welcome, friends, to another hearty meal at the Tool Bar & Grill. Today let’s try to find good uses for some interesting new Web sites that integrate with email.

Send Your Emails by Post

eSnailer prints out your email and mails it to the recipient through snail mail (that is, the regular postal service). This service is free (including the postage), and sends mail throughout the United States. This could be great if you correspond with people who don’t have email, but you don’t want the fuss of envelopes and stamps. However, your messages might carry advertising.

ePostIt provides a similar service, with coverage in the US, Canada, UK, France, Denmark, Finland, and several Far East countries.

Manage Email Groups

9cays is a Web site that manages email groups for you. After you create group of, for example, you camping buddies’ email addresses, you can use 9cays to send an email announcement to all of them at once. =snore= But wait – there’s more! Each email “conversation” has its own email address and Web page. 9cays stores conversations so you can review email exchanges with members, and it can store attachments for access by all members (“here are the photos of our last trip”). Now just what does “9cays” mean?

Nag, Nag, Nag

Monkey On Your Back, from the makers of 9cays, saves you the trouble and discomfort of reminding people to do things you asked them to. Monkey On Your Back emails reminders to them for you. It also reminds you when the task deadline passes.

Thanks for bearing with me. I hope you’ll be back next week! Meanwhile, please feel free to comment by writing to ]]