What About Our Soldiers?

What Should Israel Do Now?

The operative paragraphs of UN resolution for a cease fire do not require that the soldiers kidnapped by Hezbolla be returned. What do you think will happen? What do think Israel should do? Please respond using the comments below.

A petition has been started for release of the soldiers at  http://www.kidnappedsoldiers.com/phpPETITION/index.php

- Svi Ben-Elya -


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Mark L. Levinson 7 year, 2 month ago

I don't think we need to go overboard complying with the resolution if Hizbullah doesn't, and Hizbullah seems to be rejecting the resolution while claiming to accept it. Someone has to do a better job of emphasizing their noncompliance than we did of emphasizing the PA's noncompliance with the Road Map.

As for the soldiers, I am too superstitious to say anything pessimistic, but Hizbullah is the same guys who have kept a poker face for 20 years regarding Ron Arad.

guest 7 year, 2 month ago

As a good English speaking liberal I believe in democracy, the rule of law and the desirability of international law (we anglos invented most of it...). If it's possible for us to stay on the good side we should, and if the other side don't, lets use that to our advantage.

Larry Imberman 7 year, 2 month ago

This discussion is outside of the stated scope of this membership-restricted community! As long as there was no formal membership requirement, the mandate of who says what in the name of the community was up in the air. Now, there is a formal, managed system for becoming a member. Who has the right to use this forum or any of its resources for purposes other than those stated in the published material of this forum? What is the mechanism for asking for permission (and maybe being rejected) to go off topic I quote from this site: "It is an informal framework for technical writers to help each other and to match technical writers with industry needs. The Forum has turned into a 3-way partnership between technical writers, local industry and the town of Yokneam." This says nothing about political views on war and peace nor about international politics. I understand this thread to be off topic. It belongs somewhere else, perhaps a personal web site or blog. Let's keep this site as a professional tool.

elephant 7 year, 2 month ago

The purpose of this page is to allow all of you to express your opinions. Although this is not related to technical writing, it is an issue that is on all of our minds.