6th Annual Tech Writers Picnic

Mark your calendars. This year's picnic will be July 9 at the the Kibbutz Hazorea swimming pool. The picnic is open to all technical writers, marcom writers, copy editors and members of similar professions. You do not need to be a member to come. It is always great fun for the whole family and fun to meet your colleague's families. There is a great swimming pool for kids and infants, and an even better one for the adults.

Mike Lee has arranged for a special price of 25 NIS per person over 3 years old (infant - 3 years old are free). The entrance fee is charged by the kibbutz for entrance to the area regardless of whether you use the pool. This is really inexpensive and covers you for the entire day.

Please fill in the preregistration form in the body of this article. It will help us plan.   Click here for directions...


Preregistration Form

Name * Email * How likely are you to come * Wouldn't miss it for the worldProbably50-50Probably notNo way Spouse's name (if coming)
If you are not married this can be a non-child guest Other Guests/Family Members
List names of those you intend to bring. Number of infants/toddlers
This is only for those who are too young for the regular swimming pool, but not for the kiddie pool 01234more? - are you kidding Number of children who can go in the full-size pool
They can still use the kiddie pool, so don't double count 01234more? - wow!