Take No Responsibility

by Mumpy

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I sent out some Release Notes for review the other week. In the Release Notes, I had documented a new feature which posed some risk to the customer’s organization if they were not very careful with their configuration. A leading support engineer emailed me back asking me to include the following note:

[Company Name] takes no responsibility for the following feature.

Well, I thought that was an absolutely marvelous suggestion. We don’t take any responsibility! What a brilliant idea! So I decided to borrow that sentiment for pretty much everything I’m involved with in the workplace.

So at the beginning of the User Guide, it now says “[Company name] takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any content in this document.”

And when you log on to our product – you are now greeted by the following note. “Welcome! [Company name] takes absolutely not one ounce of responsibility for this product.”

I passed this idea on to the Support department who have crowned me Queen Mumpy and slip me free Bacardi Breezers at lunchtime. They now happily sit there surfing the Net and playing games. Each time the phone rings – the customer is directed straight to voice mail where they are greeted by a young, perky woman thanking them for their call but explaining that as it’s our company’s policy not to take responsibility for our products, the Support department is currently on vacation.

I’m curious to see how far I can actually take this thing. Although, of course, if anything goes wrong – I’m not taking responsibility.

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