Freelance Translator Hebrew to English, Editor and Copy-editor

A major non-profit organization will be translating a multi-volume Hebrew work about Chassidut into English and needs a translator, editor, copy-editor and proofreader (four distinct roles) for the project. Applications may be submitted for a single role or for multiple roles. Each role has its own test, but there is no need to submit a CV more than once. 

For the translator and editor excellent knowledge of Hebrew and Chassidut are essential.

For the copy-editor and proofreader, knowledge of Hebrew is essential, knowledge of Chassidut is not essential, but familiarity with Orthodox Judaism is preferred.

Successful candidates may be hired for several years. 

Start date as well as monthly hours are flexible since the organization wishes to hire the most suitable people. 

CV submission deadline: 20/01/’17

Brief Job Descriptions


The Hebrew book needs to be translated as well as edited during the translation process to make the content relevant to an English speaking organization (think: localization).


The translation needs to be checked against the original Hebrew with focus on the logical flow of the content – sentences and paragraphs may be re-arranged to produce a text that reads clearly in English (including altering metaphors and analogies).


Excellent command of English needed as well as the ability to read critically and pick out unclearly expressed ideas and keep an eye on the smooth and logical flow of ideas from sentence to sentence, and paragraph to paragraph. The ability to look at the source text in Hebrew where this would be relevant will be helpful. Knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style conventions essential. (The organization can provide access to the latest version).

The editor will answer queries raised by the copy-editor during the first round or copy-editing. 


The organization needs an experienced proofreader with a proven track record of reliability and efficiency. Knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style conventions essential. (The organization can provide access to the latest version).

General for all Positions Above

  • Extensive knowledge of Traditional Jewish publishing is expected.
  • Work is from home and candidates are expected to own a computer with an internet connection, Windows 7 or above and MS Office 2010 or above. 

The Process

Candidates will submit a CV and be asked to take a short test (each role has an appropriate test). Write the job(s) being applied for in the subject line.

Candidates who pass the test will be given material and asked to provide a quote, as well as monthly availability. 

The organization will then hire based on the test and the quote. 

Contact Info

Please submit CV and samples of your work (where relevant) to: