Two small freelance jobs

Job 1. There exist 30,000 photos in Photos (MAC) that are in several hundred separate albums…..would like to convert all separate albums into separate movies……MAC compatible software “fotomagic” exists for this purpose but has not been learned or used. Not married to this software if something easier and/or better exists.

Job 2. Upgrade or update 6 websites. Websites currently are Wordpress. There is no requirement to retain the current platform or use a free platform. But the platform must be one that the customer can later maintain easily.

Note: My customer has only an Apple OS environment.

Anyone interested should contact Tzvi Ben Elya at and 054-2542679. I will put the best person (or people) for each job in direct contact with the customer. I will not be involved and will not receive any fee or commission. The customer lives in Jerusalem, but there is no requirement that the work be performed on site.