Welcome Home?!?

My welcoming when approaching Ashqelon railway station last Sunday night was the announcement of the colour red and for everybody to lie flat on the train floor. It seems as though the sounds of rockets exploding have become part of our lives here. I pray daily for our soldiers who are confronted by death traps for the safety of the nation.

Our lives are still disrupted; schools and nursery schools remain closed while other facilities for children are also closed in the region due to the rocket onslaught. This is a real problem for olim who don’t have their mothers or other family in Israel to leave their small children with so that they can go to work. Some have probably lost their jobs as a result or at least lost income. They have to rely on the income of just the one spouse and hope that he or she does not get fired during a time when so many high tech workers are losing their jobs. My own contract ends next week and I must find work elsewhere.

Some businesses close to Gaza are unable to sell their products because they are in a Closed Military Zone. I would be happy if we could use this column to publish details of such businesses so that they get some exposure lest they go out of business. On Friday Frank Taylor posted to Techshoret about the Dobkin brothers from Moshav T'Kumah “תקומה” which is 5 km from Gaza. He said that they were unable to sell their fish until their predicament was published on a few lists and now they are receiving orders. Their e-mail address is ]]