Ahhh Good Times

by Mumpy

I’m back! Have you noticed how they always say that on reality TV shows even though they haven’t gone anywhere? Well, I was on holiday for a couple of weeks – I use the word “holiday” in the broadest sense here to include any act of being or doing which does not involve taking the number 20 bus; without hinting at any possibility of actually “having a good time”.

If truth be told, I was perfectly happy to come back to work. I actually enjoy technical writing; I find it fun and exciting. I guess this gives you some insight into the inner mumpy - clearly someone whose idea of a wild night out involves a nice cup of tea and a copy of Fly-fishing.

Is it my fault that I enjoy writing up features, should I apologize for running with glee to document bugs; do I need treatment for my pathological enjoyment of sitting with R&D developers? I actually think I’m very lucky that I enjoy what I do. I remember once I was documenting a big complex feature – and after a couple of hours I entered another state, an almost Zen like level of concentration and “oneness” with the work. I was so immersed in what I was doing that I didn’t feel the need to eat or drink (or pick up my kids – but we won’t talk about that now). I wrote some good stuff and when I came out of it – I felt like I’d been in some kind of mystical experience. Course you tell people that – and they back away very quickly muttering something about Great Aunt Deirdre and flowerpots.

Anyway – I’m getting back into the swing of things and I’m happily and excitedly tackling the emails and the workload. The birds are tweeting (allegedly – it’s not like I can actually hear them in a brick cubicle), the sun is shining (again allegedly – I’m just presuming this one based on the causal laws of nature as I know them, there is love in the world (not allegedly – I know this first hand) and all is right in the world of technical writing on a Sunday morning.

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